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Archive for June, 2010

Commuting 101 : Don’t Have a Shower?

One large complaint or worry for beginner bike commuters is the lack of showering, or showing up sweaty to work.  This is a valid worry and shouldn’t be overlooked as your employer, co-worker or client may not appreciate the “biker look.” Top tips if you don’t have a shower at work Photo Credit : Fritz [...]

Photo a Day : Sex on Wheels

Photo credit : Rudy Malmquist

Types of Fenders

A mini series on Yearly Bike Fenders, today we will be discussing the different types of fenders there are and the benefits of each. Full Coverage Fenders One of the best systems of fenders are called full coverage as these cover up the most of your tires.  The rear fender mounts at your bottom bracket [...]

Velo-City 2010 : Enhancing Your Quality of Life

The 2010 edition of the ECF Velo-city conference series is the first Velo-city conference under the name Velo-city Global to bring together cycling experts and professionals from all over the world in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital. From June 22-25, 2010, it will highlight the bicycle’s potential to enhance the quality of life around the world and [...]

Are Electric Bikes Part of Our Future

Today’s E-Bike Wednesday Guest Article is brought to you by Elise Giddings.  Elise is co-owner of Cycle 9 bike shop in Carrboro, NC, which specializes in electric assist, cargo bikes, commuting and city bikes. http://www.cycle9.com Elise will be featured in one of our upcoming Commute By Bike Podcast, look forward to the series starting next [...]

Yearly Bike Fenders

A very common keyword that brings people to Commute By Bike is, fenders.  Those plastic, metal or wooden sheets that wrap around your wheel or clip on to your seatpost.  Protecting you and sometimes your bicycle from wet roads, grime and slush.  A well installed full coverage fender will keep the rain out of your [...]