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Archive for October, 2010

The Epic Commute & The Tale Of Two Folding Bikes

Katie Mattison lives in Nyack, New York. Follow her on Twitter @kweenkmatt or for snarky commuting comments, @SnarkyTrainGirl I’m a young working professional from the suburbs trying to make it in the big city. I’ve lived in the NYC metro area since 1996, and I’m currently revisiting my passion for cycling that began as a [...]

Three Mobile Apps That Cyclists Need To Know About

When you head out cycling you usually take a few of the essentials with you. Pump, tire levers, spare inner tube, keys, and mobile phone. The final one can double up to offer a ton of useful functionality. Here are three apps that may be of use. 1/ Bike Doctor [Disclosure: This is my app!] [...]

10 Rules For Urban Commuting

Josh King lives in Seattle, where he commutes by bike every day, rain or shine. Earlier this year he switched to full-time single speed commuting; you can read his thoughts on going gearless at My commute through Seattle’s Capitol Hill and into the heart of downtown takes me through a maze of cars, pedestrians, [...]

The Great Debate: Vehicular vs. Segregated Cycling

One of the most contended points in bicycle advocacy is how cyclists fit into the overall transportation picture and what course of action best benefits individual riders and cyclists as a group.  Two distinctly different schools of thought exist: vehicular cycling and segregated cycling.  While the vast majority of cyclists fall somewhere in between the [...]

Thanks Arleigh!

Our team of bike bloggers was happily blogging along at and when Arleigh emailed us with the jaw dropping proposal for us to take the reins of Commute By Bike.  We had heard about Arleigh’s recent bike commuting accident.  Related to this, she explained her reasons for stepping back from running.  Commute By [...]

Moving on with Commute By Bike

On October 1st, 2010 I was hit by a car in downtown Charlotte.  If you want the full recap check out my personal site.  Since the accident I’ve dealt with many physical and mental damages.  I wasn’t able to write online, blog, tweet or Facebook. A few days after my accident, I realized a few [...]