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Touring Latin America with a Cyclone

by Ted Johnson

Here’s a photo sent in by Pierre, who is seen relaxing in Oxaca, Mexico with his Radical Design Cyclone III Cargo Trailer.

Pierre with his Radical Design Cyclone III Cargo Trailer

Click image to magnify your jealousy.

From Mexico, I rode all the way to Panama, taking my time, stopping here and there to discover and impregnate myself of the wonders of Central America; in Panama, by coincidence I found a very interesting job for an NGO, doing educational and environmental projects in the jungle. So I decided to stay here for a while.


The Cyclone delivered so well. I had a ton of stuff with me. Heavy books, full camping equipment, mountain stuff, a guitar, an extra backpack etc. All in all I must have been carrying between 75 and 90 pounds of equipment, all in that big bag! On flat and downhill roads, it performed so well. Uphill, it was like dragging an army tank behind me! I took it on all kinds of roads, from concrete to big bad disgusting rocky dirt roads, and it never broke; never even got a flat tire in more than 1300 miles!

Burley nomad 229

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