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Archive for March, 2011

Wheels of Change: A Review

Wheels of Change, published by National Geographic, is appropriate for younger audiences and is very readable, but it is packed with enough interesting information to hold the attention of an adult female cyclist who has done her fair share of reading cycling-related literature.

Interview: Sam Whittingham of Naked Bicycles – Winner of NAHBS ‘People’s Choice’

Whittingham figures out how to keep customers on their bikes for many years after they roll away from his shop. He considers his advocacy work is getting his customers to use their bikes everyday “with a smile on their face.”

‘Should I try commuting again?’

I’m thinking about trying commuting again. I would likely avoid the kind of accident I had. I would like some advice about what kind of equipment works for people and what the best accident avoidance strategies are.

The Advocate’s Dilemma: A National Bike Summit Warm-Up

We need more people riding to improve facilities and education, but we need better facilities and education to get more people riding. We need to improve safety for cyclists, but an overemphasis on safety may reinforce the misperception that cycling is dangerous and discourage new riders.

Interview: Stephen Bilenky of Bilenky Cycle Works – Winner of NAHBS ‘Best Lugged Frame’

Bilenky Cycle Works won the award for Best Lugged Frame this year at the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS).

NAHBS 2011 – Austin Day 3 – Wrapping It Up

We had a great time talking to this all-star cast of bike builders, focusing on commuter bikes. And in the process, we learned a whole lot about what working with a custom builder offers to the customer.