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Archive for June, 2011

Internal Hub Meets Shaft Drive

Last week I received a shaft-drive commuter bike from Dynamic Bicycles. The model is the Crossroads 8. I had short call today with Patrick Perugini and Devin Kelly of Dynamic Bicycles, and I asked them the one question that’s been on my mind about shaft-drive bikes: Since shaft-drive and internal hub technologies have been around [...]

Fix-Curious? An Experiment in Fixed-Gear Commuting - Part 2

Josh King lives in Seattle, where he commutes by bike every day, rain or shine. He switched to full-time single speed commuting in 2010. You can read his thoughts on going gearless at It’s been about six weeks since I started my experiment with fixed-gear commuting. It’s been a bit surprising, even though I [...]

2011 Bike to Breakfast Video

When you think of Arizona, you probably think of deserts. Maybe you think of suburban sprawl baking in a cultural wasteland. Maybe you think of conservative patriots or conservative nutjobs, depending on your perspective. You probably don’t think of icy rain in the middle of May. You probably wouldn’t think of hundreds of bike commuters [...]

Juxtaposition: Timbuk2 Control and Chrome Salvage

I’ve heard about two new bike bags this week. Seeing them side-by-side, there’s an irony there somewhere, and I can’t put my finger on it. Timbuk2 has a new laptop case called the “Control” which is “TSA Compliant.” Control… Compliant… Control… Compliant… What makes this bag TSA Compliant is that you can open it up [...]


Jackass + Activism: His strategy is to embarrass the officer and/or the City. The tactics of someone without a legal leg on which to stand.

A Second Perspective on Three-Way Streets

Over at our sibling site, Utility Cycling, Melanie posted “3-Way Street Campaign,” with a video showing a single intersection in New York City, highlighting the close interactions between pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The purpose of the video, I think, is to show all of the bad behavior of the three types of users. This is [...]