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Archive for August, 2011

The Vaude Eva’s Office Pannier: She Plays for Both Teams

Jaimie Robinson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chicago. Jaimie commutes by bike every possible day along Chicago’s Lake Shore bike path. She is a regular writer for Chicago Bridge, a blog for professionals working in the field of aging. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly stuffy name, Eva’s Office Pannier. Not only is this [...]

Biketopia, Buffalo, and Credit Where No Credit is Due (Roundup)

I don’t do roundup posts too often anymore. They’re hard. But in the last week, we’ve had a spate of exposure outside of Commute by Bike. Tom Bowden has a Dream In Tom Bowden‘s guest opinion in Richmond BizSense, he dreams of the ultimate cycling paradise city. A city that would make Portland, Boulder, Copenhagen, [...]

In Case of Emergency, Take Bike

It’s been a strange week for residents of Virginia and Washington, DC. In a few instances, a tragic week. When I awoke on Tuesday morning in the nation’s capital, I never expected to experience an earthquake and days of hurricane warnings over the following five days. But, amid a chaotic week of natural disasters, Capital [...]

Hair: ‘Tyranny over the mind of man’

I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. –Thomas Jefferson When someone starts an article with a Jefferson quote, you already know it’s going to be a rant, right? Clearly, Jefferson was talking about hair. The mind is in the brain; the brain [...]

Californians: A Call to Action

Californians, it is time to act. The California Bicycle Coalition and the City of Los Angeles have cosponsored a 3-foot passing bill, Senate Bill 910. Many other states have already passed similar legislation that requires automobile operators to allow a minimum of three feet when passing a cyclist from behind, and California is working to [...]

Self-Inflating Commuter Tire

You’re a bike commuter. You’re in good shape. Your risk of coronary artery disease is pretty low, so you’re not likely to be needing a peristaltic pump–one of those pumps in an open-heart bypass machine. But would you be interested in a peristaltic pump if it was at the heart of a self-inflating commuter tire? [...]