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Archive for August, 2011

Cycling Over 50: ‘The benefits just don’t outweigh the potential consequences’

Every now and then I must relearn the lesson that doctors aren’t necessarily scientists. This is from The Huffington Post: “Cycling Injuries: A New Epidemic?” I have treated hundreds of [facial] injuries. Facial fractures may result from any significant blunt trauma — motor vehicle accidents, physical altercations, sports injuries. … In the last year I […]

Hydration & Nuun: A Product Review Disguised as a PSA

And now, an important message on hydration, brought to you by Commute by Bike. Research indicates that ten out of ten Americans need to consume adequate amounts of water to survive. Most people have heard the sage advice, “drink before you’re thirsty;” by the time that you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. With dehydration […]

Seepless in Seattle: The O2 Nokomis Jacket

Josh King lives in Seattle, where he commutes by bike every day, rain or shine. He switched to full-time single speed commuting in 2010. You can read his thoughts on going gearless at www.singlespeedseattle.com Given Seattle’s reputation for rain, it’s surprising how infrequently you really need a real, honest-to-goodness cycling rain jacket when commuting in-town. […]

Final 2011 Ortlieb, Tubus, Racktime Sale + BikeShopHub.com Logo Panniers!

We’ve just launched our final sale Ortlieb, Tubus and Racktime for 2011. With all of these incredible bike bags and racks at 10% off through August 24th, I thought I would take this opportunity to announce the new BikeShopHub.com logo panniers that we just got in. We decided to have our wheel logo emblazoned across […]

Caption This

A customer sent in this photo of the BikeShopHub.com logo contrasted against these enormous grain elevators “used to dry and store corn and soy beans, to feed the nations meat…..”

Surly BOB at Joshua Tree

Another satisfied customer: “I received my BOB Yak trailer and immediately hooked it to my Surly LHT and headed into Joshua tree national park for a test ride. I live by the entrance. Love it!”