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Double Duty with Bakfiets and Bike Trailer

by Josh Lipton

A reader sent in this interesting setup for their yard car business in Eugene Oregon, Green Cycle Services. I couldn’t find a web page, but did find their Craigslist Ad. The custom trailer looks quite impressive with lawnmower and garbage can in tow all. This bike trailer looks well balanced for taking this large of a load, though I think it would be better suited with a axle mounted hitch system rather than the seatpost mounted bike trailer hitch that it comes with. The bakfiests style cargo bike coupled with the heavy-duty trailer, makes this a real workhorse setup.

littleFoot with mow kit in tow.

2 40 gallon bins full of weeds from a garden, and a tarp full of blackBerry brambles loaded up on littleFoot and m'trailer. Heading off to Lane forest Products to dump the load and begin it's cycle towards compost.

littleFoot at rest atop the 30th ave crest in Eugene, OR. Coburg Hills and Springfield in the background.

Burley nomad 229

One Response to “Double Duty with Bakfiets and Bike Trailer”

  1. Ed says:

    I never thought about mounting it to the axle. I Might try that next time. The big benefit of the seatpost mount is that it can hold long things like ladders and not be in the way. In any event that’s the prototype, the next one will be much better.


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