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Archive for September, 2011

Empire Bike Cover — Upgrade Your Target Bag

Karen Voyer-Caravona is an admitted bicycle dilettante in Flagstaff, Arizona, who blogs about her adventures on two wheels, vĂ©lo envy, her husband’s cooking, and cross country skiing at Visit her Website for her endless opinions on the most stylish shoes for pedaling, critiques of bike parking, and the best bike date dining destinations. My [...]

Action Heroes on Bikes

Don’t ask why, but I watched King Kong last weekend — the 1976 remake that most people would rather forget. In addition to being a bad movie, it was an interesting period piece from the 1970s. An evil oil company, Petrox, is personified by Fred Wilson, played by Charles Grodin. Jessica Lange plays Dwan, a [...]

Transportation Bill Extended for Six Months with Bike/Ped Funding

The Senate passed an extension of the Transportation Bill yesterday (Sept. 15, 2011) with a margin of 92-6. All current transportation funding and programs, including funding for cycling and pedestrian projects, will continue for six months. I happened to be in the right place at the right time: at Interbike, near the Bikes Belong booth [...]

Lesser Royalty: Bike Bloggers at Interbike

Josh Lipton told me yesterday, “Bloggers are a strange kind of lesser royalty at Interbike.” (Interbike, in case you don’t know, is that annual mega-trade show for the cycling industry held in Las Vegas. It’s where I spent the day yesterday. Skip to the bottom to see the bike porn photos I took.) I kind [...]

The Book of Interbike

In The Book of Mormon — the Broadway musical, not the sacred text of the Latter Day Saints movement — a Mormon missionary in remote northern Uganda, interpolates elements from Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings into the official teachings of the church. In doing so, he achieves success where others have [...]

9/11 Remembered with Reactionary Bicycle Advocacy

Ten years ago, I was at a juncture. Since graduating from college the previous year, I’d split my time between trying to make my way through the ranks of bicycle racing, and developing a cycling product that I thought might change the way people thought about cycling. I was really enjoying getting to focus a [...]