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Archive for October, 2011

Scare Your Coworkers: Commute by Bike

Hey bike commuters! Want to scare your coworkers? Keep doing what you’re doing. I came to work today… [dramatic pause] … on a bicycle! Mwahahahahahah!!! You know, because ridiculing their fear of cycling just might work. Or you might be able to get away with it because it’s Halloween. Or if, like me, you work […]

Batman’s Bike Trailer

Batman, who apparently also moonlights as a keyboardist, sent in this photo of his bike trailer setup. I’m guessing that the somewhat blurry, dark photo was taken as Batman was jumping on his bike to chase after a criminal in between gigs. Or perhaps it was intentionally blurry to hide some of its alternative crime […]

Richard’s Xtracycle Peapod – Stroller Ready

Richard sent us these photos of his son on an Xtracycle with PeaPod and a stroller attached on the PeaPod. It sounds like he is a real fan after a few months. He included this video of his adventures with the Xtracycle. Speaking of the PeaPod, we are kicking off our Fall Inventory Reductions. We […]

Early Fall’s Flagstaff Bike Commuters for Inspiration

Its been a tough summer and fall as I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the finances of our business here at As I scramble to make ends meet and make some tough choices to get our business plans in line with reality, I’m very glad that I’m doing […]

Cyclists on the Sidewalk: What’s a pedestrian to do?

So a cyclist is cruising down the sidewalk, and there’s a close call with a pedestrian — or maybe even a collision. Harsh words are exchanged. You should be in the street, you mountain of mad flesh! I can’t ride in the street, you cockered dread-bolted strumpet. There’s no bike lane! Listen, you rampallian, you […]

Axiom Spark Headlight and Tail Light

Nathan Friedman specializes in living the good life and making it look easy. Mountain biking all summer and skiing all winter, Nate is a rock star of the outdoor opportunities in the Southwest. To get some inspiration on living life to the fullest, check out his blog, Handlebar Sandwich. I’ve had the chance to review […]