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Archive for October, 2011

Scare Your Coworkers: Commute by Bike

Hey bike commuters! Want to scare your coworkers? Keep doing what you’re doing. I came to work today… [dramatic pause] … on a bicycle! Mwahahahahahah!!! You know, because ridiculing their fear of cycling just might work. Or you might be able to get away with it because it’s Halloween. Or if, like me, you work [...]

Cyclists on the Sidewalk: What’s a pedestrian to do?

So a cyclist is cruising down the sidewalk, and there’s a close call with a pedestrian — or maybe even a collision. Harsh words are exchanged. You should be in the street, you mountain of mad flesh! I can’t ride in the street, you cockered dread-bolted strumpet. There’s no bike lane! Listen, you rampallian, you [...]

Axiom Spark Headlight and Tail Light

Nathan Friedman specializes in living the good life and making it look easy. Mountain biking all summer and skiing all winter, Nate is a rock star of the outdoor opportunities in the Southwest. To get some inspiration on living life to the fullest, check out his blog, Handlebar Sandwich. I’ve had the chance to review [...]

Transportation Projects: Good GOP Bad GOP

Frequent readers of Commute by Bike will know that we try very hard to be bike-partisan here. I like to think of this blog as a safe haven for cyclists of all political persuasions. I love the kum-bike-ya moments when I can find them. Lately, though, the Republicans in Congress are making it harder and [...]

A Report from Pedalfest! 2011

Shawn Kielty is a Software Engineer, Artist, Photographer, and avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoying cycling and other human powered travel. Travel stories from on his blog Flat Tire Paradise amuse, entertain, and encourage readers to get outside and have some fun. A friend and I went out to Jack London Square in Oakland, California on Saturday [...]

Designing an Innovative Bicycle Helmet

Ruben Hekkens is a graduate student at the Delft University of Technology, in Delft, Netherlands. As a masters project, he is developing a “lifestyle bicycle helmet for use in urban environments.” Because very few urban cyclists in Holland wear helmets, Ruben sees an opportunity. It reminded me of an old marketing parable of two shoe [...]