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Archive for October, 2011

Reflections on Cycling from The Grand Canyon

A week ago my wife and I emerged from the Grand Canyon after four days of backpacking in a glorious car-free and bike-free world. But biking and bike commuting came with me nonetheless. That’s right. Although 17 million years of geological and evolutionary history were opened up before me like a beautiful 18-mile wide, 277-mile [...]

My Commuter Folder as a Traveling Companion

Karen Voyer-Caravona is an admitted bicycle dilettante in Flagstaff, Arizona, who blogs about her adventures on two wheels, vélo envy, her husband’s cooking, and cross country skiing at Visit her Website for her endless opinions on the most stylish shoes for pedaling, critiques of bike parking, and the best bike date dining destinations. If [...]

King Cage’s Behold Tool Pouch and Top Cap Cage Mount

Matt Irvine has previously modeled skinny jeans for Commute by Bike. He is also an amateur pilot. When he encounters flight restrictions, they’re in his pants. I decided to install the Behold Tool Pouch with Cage on my single speed bike. Due to my bike’s minimalist design I was not carrying any tools or spare [...]

Commutercentric Videos: A Utility Cycling Roundup

If you aren’t a regular at Utility Cycling, you’ve been missing some fantastic commuter-specific video posts lately. Without further ado, we give you a sampling of the best recent “commute by bike” videos, thanks to Utility Cycling and the original producers of the videos. And if you like this collection, there is plenty more for [...]

People Who Should Know Better

My friend Michael related a conversation about transportation costs that he had recently with “Cheryl,” a social services professional who works with low income families. Michael assumed Cheryl had a good deal of insight into the challenges faced by people who struggle to make ends meet on minimum wage. He commented to her that given [...]