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Thom’s New Uses for the Wandertec BONGO Trailer

by Josh Lipton

Here is an interesting adaptation of our in-house built bike trailer, the Wandertec BONGO. We designed this trailer with modification and customization in mind. It is a great platform for quite a few different uses. And it always seems that there are more unique uses for it. Using it for transporting a wheelchair behind a mobility scooter is yet another unexpected direction.

Our customer Thom describes:

Several months back I picked up a trailer from you folks. I believe I was working with Robert? I came up with this idea how cool it would be if I could take my wheelchair with me when I was out on my mobility scooter. I asked a lot of questions and then bought one. The end results are steller! The only part I added was an 18″ piece of 1″ X 1″ channel. I Drilled two holes in it and I was good to go. It will hook to any Pride Mobility scooter. NO welding or drilling on the scooter. It’s all there, stock. In this case, SIZE MATTERS. if you hooked this up to a small scooter, it may burn it up. It tracks killer. Left turns are WAY better than right turns but that with a little thought is no problem.

Think of what people in retirement communities could do with this set up……. I see money to be made! Ice chest, Groceries, Dogs, Stuff……..

Burley nomad 229

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