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Tom’s Bike Shuttle by Bike Trailer Solution

by Josh Lipton

As a life-long cyclist, I have found many times that I’ve wanted or needed to carry one bike with another.  The main reason I’ve needed to transport another bike is because I need to get the out of commission bike down to the bike shop.  But there are all sorts of other logistical reasons where bike hauling capabilities come in handy.  Shuttling kids bikes, picking someone up at the airport, working at a bike shop and picking up bikes up for repair and the list goes on.

Bike trailers are a great way to transport bikes.  We’ve messed around with a variety of techniques for mounting the bike to the trailer including, using a fork block and letting the rear wheel pull on the ground, mounting a roof rack tray to the bike trailer (as shown below) or simply loading the whole bike into the trailer if the trailer is big enough.

Tom sent in a great example of a trailer adapted to this purpose:

After finding myself shuttling my kids’ bikes to and from school because of varying schedules, I decided to use an old Schwinn trailer frame, a Burley hitch and a couple of roof rack components from my car to build this bicycle-carrying trailer.

Burley nomad 229

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