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Archive for January, 2012

Put Bike/Ped Projects Back into the Transportation Bill

Old Man Mica is hurling rocks. The Transportation Bill released by The House of Representatives indeed does cut out all funding for cycling projects. Per the League of American Bicyclists: Last week, we knew the bill would be bad news for biking and walking. But we didn’t think it would go so far as to [...]

Old Man Warner, Cycling Opponent

Recognize this quote? “Pack of crazy fools,” he said. “Listening to the young folks, nothing’s good enough for them. Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to go back to living in caves, nobody work any more, live that way for a while.” If you graduated from high school, you were likely required at some [...]

Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding (still) at Risk

I looked at the homepage of this site and could hardly believe what I saw. The most recent stories, stacked three high, featured black and white photos of Hollywood entertainers. Well, the celebrity mongering is over. For now. Let us return now to the lofty topics for which this blog is known. No, not liquor [...]

2012 Academy Award Nominees on Bikes

Okay, I’ve spent the last hour looking through this year’s Oscar Nominees in the acting and directing categories and doing Google Image searches to see who might be candidates for my effort to get someone to arrive to the event by bike. Yes, that means I just spent an hour, on the clock, looking at [...]

‘Hollywood Rides a Bike’ (to the Oscars?)

Bike lover and film critic Steven Rea has long been the Web’s foremost collector of celebrities on bikes on his Tumbler blog. Rea has a new book coming out, Hollywood Rides a Bike, which you can pre-order here. Yup, it’s true: Rides a Bike is soon to be a real hold-in-your-hands, stow-in-your-messenger-bag, position-in-an-honored-spot-on-your-coffee-table tome. Hard [...]

Bike Advocacy from the NRA Playbook

Tom Bowden is a bike commuter from Richmond VA, a “suit” – a corporate lawyer with an MBA, and a conservative – You betcha! He is also a board member of BikeWalk Virginia, a pro cycling and pedestrian group in Virginia that raises money to promote cycling, walking and active lifestyles. Tom’s lawyerly blogging can [...]