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Archive for January, 2012

The Wahoo Bike Pack and the 400 MPH Fixie

Josh King lives in Seattle, where he commutes by bike every day, rain or shine. He switched to full-time single speed commuting in 2010. You can read his thoughts on going gearless at While “serious” cyclists have long depended on bike computers to track their training and keep things on pace while riding, some [...]

Alterra Cafe Bars by Fxyation

I can ride my bike with no handlebars… OK, truth be told, I actually can’t ride my bike without handlebars. I knew that handlebar song was crazy… Unlike the Flobots, I do rely on a good set of handlebars to steer, balance, and generally complete my bike. However, handlebars are often not the first thing [...]

Bein’ Green: If Bike Lanes Were Muppets

Decades ago, Kermit the Frog made a guest appearance on Sesame Street and crooned about the difficulties of being green. While the popular line from the frog’s famous song, “Bein’ Green,” expresses Kermit’s discontent with the color, he does, in the end, come full circle. Will green bike lane skeptics experience the same change of [...]

2012 Resolutions for Commute by Bike Contributors

Happy New Year bike commuters, and would-be bike commuters! I asked some of our contributors to send me their resolutions for 2012, this is what I got back: Bob Caravona Has it been two, three or four years ago that we sold our other car and became bike commuters? In any case, since then, as [...]