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Archive for March, 2012

Tom & Ted’s Advocacy Adventure

Tom Bowden: Months of detailed planning and analysis are about to come to fruition.  Ted Johnson, fearless and philosophical editor of Commute by Bike is flying eastbound for Richmond, Virginia, from whence he and I will depart, on our lugged framed steeds of steel, on Monday morning for Washington DC to attend the League of [...]

Outspoken About Handmade Bikes: Diane Lees at NAHBS

Diane Lees is a 38 year veteran of the bicycle industry. She is a professional bicycle fitter and co-owns and operates HubBub Custom Bicycles in NE Ohio. She is also a registered yoga teacher, a journalist, and the host/producer of The Outspoken Cyclist, a weekly radio show about bicycling on WJCU-88.7FM broadcasting locally and podcasting [...]

The 12 People Who Block the Bike Path

Samuel Hagler is a returned Peace Corps volunteer and founder of the Ride for Good Foundation. He is a master’s candidate studying Bicycle Activism in the M.A. Sustainable Communities program at Northern Arizona University, and enjoys mountain biking, commuting, and traveling the world by bicycle. Most university towns, including Flagstaff, Arizona, have a bike route [...]

Portapedal: A Bike Shop, not a Sitcom

A couple of weeks ago, I went looking for Portapedal, a new-ish bike shop in Tempe, Arizona specializing in portable bikes. When I found the correct address, this is what I saw:   And this is what I imagined would be inside: And I was partially right. Inside that suburban ranch house was an architect [...]

Marital Aids

I have stopped trying to turn my wife into a cyclist — a bike commuter; more than just the occasional recreational ride. But I haven’t given up on getting her to drive less. All her driving still drives me bonkers. She drives to work, she chauffeurs the kids around, she does the shopping. Not necessarily [...]

Tom Bowden on ‘The Outspoken Cyclist’

The Outspoken Cyclist’s interview with Tom Bowden, one of our frequent contributors, was broadcast on WJCU recently and can now be heard online. Tom talks about his transition from being a RAAM racer in the 1990s to becoming the tweedy mild-mannered bike commuter and advocate he is today. You’ll get a heads-up on America’s next [...]