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Archive for April, 2012

John Denver, Death Metal, and a Jam-Pac Premium Handlebar Bag

Keith is a Flagstaff resident, an all-time, all-weather, all-conference/all-state bicycle commuter. If you want to get him a present he would love a Park Tool TM-1 spoke tension meter. He writes a filthy, NSFA (Not Safe For Anything) blog at www.spacedriftin.blogspot.com. He aspires to own a pair of Bar-Mitts one day. Before trying out this [...]

Fear and Usury in Moab

There’s a 100-mile stretch of Interstate 70 between Grand Junction, Colorado, and Green River, Utah. If you enter that stretch of highway and haven’t gassed up, this is where you might find yourself at the mercy of Papa Joe. Papa Joe’s Stop & Go is a gas station in Crescent Junction, Utah. It’s the point [...]

The Fixit Public Bike Repair Stand: There When You Need It (Maybe)

Since 1995, Dero Bike Rack Co. has been positively contributing to the world of bike commuting. The company produces a host of bike parking solutions, including commercial racks and storage lockers as well as home storage products. However, I have mixed emotions about the new Fixit Public Bike Repair Stand that Dero has recently introduced. [...]

Life After Messenger vs. ‘Career Courier’

I’ve had a DVD copy of Career Courier for months and months. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to watch this documentary about the lives of bike messengers with someone who had lived that life. The problem is, I live in Flagstaff, Arizona, which is not a bike messenger town. So when I went to [...]

Marital Aids (Part 2)

Previously, I wrote about my attempts to do more by bike so that my wife wouldn’t always pick up my slack using our car. She’s no lard-ass chronic cager. (She would like you to know that.) It’s just that “Save the world with bikes” is just one of the things on our to-do list every [...]

A Damn Fine Review of Bike Tail Lights

The community blog for Bicycles Stack Exchange has this excellent review of 16 bike tail lights, and boy am I pissed off. I’ve been building up to publishing my own version of the best bike tail light review the world has ever seen, and the author, “nhinkle,” has outdone even my grand ambitions — with [...]