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Jay’s Big Wheel BOB Trailer Mod

by Ted Johnson

Cool Jay builds mountain bike trails in his spare time and sometimes uses his BOB Yak to get to his “work sites.”  In order to make the Yak more trail-friendly on rugged paths, he added a larger tire.  Sounds simple enough…

I made a couple mounting brackets that bolt up using existing holes on the Yak as well as the existing dropouts.  This way it can be completely reversed to original set up.  I mounted a 24″ wheel and made the brackets such that the ride height is approximately the same.  The wheel base is about 5″ longer, but it has not been an issue as of yet.  The bigger wheel/tire combo also gives me some peace of mind with regards to flats, and this way I don’t have to carry an extra tube as a 26″ tube will work in a 24″ tire when in a pinch.

BOB trailers are still on sale at Bike Trailer Shop.  Get a good deal on yours while the nice weather holds out.  What you do with it after that is up to you!

Burley nomad 229

One Response to “Jay’s Big Wheel BOB Trailer Mod”

  1. Delmar Voegele II says:

    I love the idea of making a bigger wheel for the back of a Bob trailer. Would you be willing to make a kit that will bolt on and sell it so that I could do the same thing? I was actually thinking about using a 20 inch wheel. It just seems to make good sense. Please let me know if something like that is abailable. I can also be reached at 541-844-4890. My name is Del. Thank you.

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