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Archive for July, 2013

A Craptastic Bike with Useless Ornamentation and a Silver Lining

Do you notice anything interesting about this bike? Look hard. So it wasn’t all that hard, was it? I came across this image over the weekend, but it was a version with the useless rear suspension circled. I suspect that the front suspension is ornamental as well. I went looking for the original image, and [...]

‘The Art of Carrying Things by Bike’ – Linked up Version

And I thought Streetfilms had a monopoly of making slick videos about urban cycling. ‘The Art of Carrying Things by Bike‘ by Laura J. Lukitsch, is a “a nice montage of some San Francisco’s iconic bike routes and destinations, including the Wiggle, Ferry Building and Market Street.” I watched this video like a birdwatcher frantically [...]

The Multimodal Cat – Bike, Bus, and Light Rail in Phoenix

I normally have a dream bike commute. My eight mile early morning trip into the office is a mere 200 foot gain in elevation. When I get to work, the showers at my gym are less than a hundred paces from the secure, locked conference room where I park my bike. When I head home [...]

Xtracycle Local Dealers and Bike Shop Hub

Commute by Bike has had a long fascination with Xtracycle cargo bikes – those longtail wonders that make an ordinary bike into a “sports utility bike.” Way back in 2009, Arleigh (a.k.a. Bike Shop Girl) documented her build up of this utilitarian beauty:   The FreeRadical Cargo Bike Kit contains the parts you need to stretch [...]

Thinking of Spain on America’s Independence Day

It’s Independence Day in the United States of America. My thoughts are in Spain. Spain was just one of many countries pissed off at the British in the 1770′s, and Spanish support for the American Colonies seeking independence was a pretty big deal. But that’s not why my thoughts are in Spain. It’s because my wife [...]

The Cocoon: Carry half a deer, half a bear, and a tiny dog—possibly all at once!

The Cocoon basket from DoggyRide would probably be just fine for carrying a doggy. I, on the other hand, used it more for the transport of a somewhat endangered species, to be revealed before this article ends. I think the endangered species handled the enclosed space with less stress than did the pup. The dog: [...]