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About Us

Q & A : Input for Commute By Bike

As we have mentioned that Commute By Bike has changed hands and the site has gotten rolling in the past week.  Now that the site has been live for two weeks with constant updates, tips and reviews we would like your input.  If you could take the time to help make this site better please […]

Commute By Bike Is Back and Kicking It Live

This past spring the original owner of Commute By Bike, Tim Grahl, had to make a tough choice. Out:Think, his web design business, was taking off much faster than a rate he could handle while trying to run Crooked Cog Network.  Slowly the sites separated as Guitar-Ted took over Twenty Nine Inches himself and Commute […]

Hey Ma, I won a Scholarship!

A few weeks ago I submitted my application to the League of American Bicyclist for a $1,000 scholarship to a first time attendee of the National Bike Summit.  The scholarship will be a reimbursement for travel, housing and sign up cost to get to and attend the summit. I had submitted the application under the […]

Introduction (with video!)

Hello! Welcome to my first post on Commute by Bike. I am excited to be among the new recruits to the site, along with Jeff, Chris, and Noah. I have been a bike commuter ever since my first job as a bike mechanic required me to ride over an hour to get to the shop. […]

Maniac or Moron?

Inspired by Kent, my second post to CBB is the introductory “About Me” post to establish my bona fides (or lack thereof). I think the ultimate conceit of any cycling blogger — especially one who writes about commuting — is that anybody actually pays attention to what passes for advice. I think many of us […]