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Madison is the Destination for 2016 Olympics Cycling Venue

Is Madison, Wisconsin the new Portland, Oregon? Many individuals in the cycling community, and even the bypassing customers have mentioned Madison lately when they are talking about a strong cycling atmosphere.  Bike paths, yearly commuters, bike lanes, & Trek Bikes headquarters 30 minutes away.  I would say it has a strong cycling atmosphere! Now in […]

Help Bike in the New President

It seems like there is a common thread with the new President, Obama, and cycling. First we had spoke cards for people to voice their opinions during the campaign. A guy riding across the country, from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. More info… 1,100 people have RSVP’d for bike valet for the Inauguration. More info… […]

Product Recall: SunRingl Hollow Quick-Release

Hayes Bicycle Group has received four reports of the SunRingl Hollow Quick Release Device breaking. No injuries have been reported. According to the press release: “The quick release devices can unexpectedly fail or break when locked in position on the bicycle, causing the rider to lose control, which poses a serious fall hazard. This recall […]

Canada bike to work events

Most U.S. cities hold a bike to work event sometime during the National Bike To Work Month in May. Canadian cities tend to schedule Bike To Work events a little bit later, typically the beginning of the June. Here are a few bike to work events in Canadian cities. Toronto Bike to work week May […]

Journalist seeks new bike commuter in New York / New Jersey area

Brooke is working on a commuting-by-bike story for CNBC.com. Are there any new bike commuters in the NY-NJ area who wouldn’t mind being interviewed? Please email Brooke at brooke dot sopelsa at nbcuni dot com.

Earth Day 2008

Tomorrow is Earth Day! If you are a sometimes commuter, why not make tomorrow one of the days you ride your bike to work? Earth Day has been celebrated every April 22 since 1970, sparked by US Senator Gaylord Nelson’s desire to push the environment on to the national agenda. It was intended as a […]