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Crossing Guard Advocacy and The Joy of Cycling

Carol Barker lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she enjoys bicycle commuting and joy riding year round. She is a tutor and school crossing guard who shares her bicycle love and general rebellion against the wife-and-mom-of-suburbia stereotype at her blog AbbyNormal. It was the first thing I saw and the only thing I remember from […]

Old Man Warner, Cycling Opponent

Recognize this quote? “Pack of crazy fools,” he said. “Listening to the young folks, nothing’s good enough for them. Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to go back to living in caves, nobody work any more, live that way for a while.” If you graduated from high school, you were likely required at some […]

‘Hollywood Rides a Bike’ (to the Oscars?)

Bike lover and film critic Steven Rea has long been the Web’s foremost collector of celebrities on bikes on his Tumbler blog. Rea has a new book coming out, Hollywood Rides a Bike, which you can pre-order here. Yup, it’s true: Rides a Bike is soon to be a real hold-in-your-hands, stow-in-your-messenger-bag, position-in-an-honored-spot-on-your-coffee-table tome. Hard […]

Bike Advocacy from the NRA Playbook

Tom Bowden is a bike commuter from Richmond VA, a “suit” – a corporate lawyer with an MBA, and a conservative – You betcha! He is also a board member of BikeWalk Virginia, a pro cycling and pedestrian group in Virginia that raises money to promote cycling, walking and active lifestyles. Tom’s lawyerly blogging can […]

Nonviolent Transportation

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And I’m at work. (No, it’s not because I live in Arizona. We actually do have this holiday here — although you may remember that our state was notoriously reluctant to observe the holiday. Rather, it’s because of FedEx. I work for an online retailer, so if FedEx […]

A Car Named Haig: Driving Seen Decreasingly as Compulsory

Kids these days. Are they assimilated into car culture as ruthlessly and inevitably as ever? My frame of reference goes back a few years. When I turned 16, I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license, but I wasn’t very interested in having a job. I got my license, and started driving my mom’s car […]