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‘Stop pedaling… start driving’

General Motors has a new program aimed at college students, hoping to inspire them to buy GM cars with a “college discount.” The “Reality Sucks” advertisement has all the subtly of a commercial for Axe Body Spray — and apparently is aimed at the same insecure demographic. Just in case the ad is too subtle, […]

Reflections on Cycling from The Grand Canyon

A week ago my wife and I emerged from the Grand Canyon after four days of backpacking in a glorious car-free and bike-free world. But biking and bike commuting came with me nonetheless. That’s right. Although 17 million years of geological and evolutionary history were opened up before me like a beautiful 18-mile wide, 277-mile […]

A World Without Bike Locks: Inevitable or Impossible?

Carrying a lock is an annoyance. For most commuters and utility cyclists, there is very little way around it. If you ride from home to work and back everyday, you can leave your lock in your bicycle parking area at work (if you don’t need it at home), but if you want to stop for […]

Hair: ‘Tyranny over the mind of man’

I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. –Thomas Jefferson When someone starts an article with a Jefferson quote, you already know it’s going to be a rant, right? Clearly, Jefferson was talking about hair. The mind is in the brain; the brain […]

Cycling Over 50: ‘The benefits just don’t outweigh the potential consequences’

Every now and then I must relearn the lesson that doctors aren’t necessarily scientists. This is from The Huffington Post: “Cycling Injuries: A New Epidemic?” I have treated hundreds of [facial] injuries. Facial fractures may result from any significant blunt trauma — motor vehicle accidents, physical altercations, sports injuries. … In the last year I […]

Public Art You Can’t See from a Car

I managed to forge a cycling purpose into a non-cycling vacation in August, 2011, using the brute force of a big-ass 1996 GMC camper van. Here are the posts: Vapid Transit, Snap Judgements, How to Blow $20 in Boulder, Public Art You Can’t See from a Car, and How does your town say ‘No Bicycles?’ […]