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Bike to Work Week

A Plea for First Timers: Adjust your Seat

Hey new bike commuters! Are you fixing to ride to work? Maybe for the first time ever? Congratulations! If you’re prepared, you have been listening to lots of advice, and maybe you’ve read our entire Commuting 101 section. Here’s one last thing that will make a world of difference: Properly adjust your dang seat height. […]

It’s Bike to Work Day… or Not

It’s Bike to Work Day! What else is there to say? If you work a day shift, by now you have either biked to work today or you didn’t. But wait. This is the end of National Bike to Week, as decreed by the League of American Bicyclists. Perhaps it’s not Bike to Work Week […]

The Day Before Bike to Work Day

National Bike to Work Week: Day Four. And I didn’t commute by bike on days one through three. What!? You say. Tell us it isn’t true, Glorious Leader! Please stop calling me “Glorious Leader.” It’s embarrassing. But this is why I didn’t bike to work for three days: That majestic animal is Howard Bishop. I […]

Are We Overselling National Bike to Work Week?

And so it begins… National Bike to Work Week 2012 is officially underway. If you are a newcomer to Commute by Bike, then welcome. Did you find all the information you needed? For God’s sake, I hope so. That’s what we’re about. Last week I received a message from the California Bicycle Coalition which began […]

Four Things About Cycling that aren’t ‘Just Like Riding a Bike’

Bike to Work Week is when we regular bike commuters hope to inspire new people to join our ranks. I hesitate to say “our ranks” because I don’t feel as though I’m in a rank. Do you want to join a rank? I doubt it. I prefer to think of all of us as users […]

2011 Bike to Breakfast Video

When you think of Arizona, you probably think of deserts. Maybe you think of suburban sprawl baking in a cultural wasteland. Maybe you think of conservative patriots or conservative nutjobs, depending on your perspective. You probably don’t think of icy rain in the middle of May. You probably wouldn’t think of hundreds of bike commuters […]