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‘Social Engineer’ Your Kids (with Chariot Child Carriers)

This is supposed to be about bike trailers of a particular brand, that carry children, and happen to be on sale right now from my employer. I wasn’t sure how to approach this article until a few minutes ago when I saw a friend of mine post this on Facebook: This is an actual friend […]

Daylight Saving Ends; Bike Tech Shop Opens

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and why I don’t write more often, then you are my mom. But the answer is Bike Tech Shop. I’ve been pouring many work hours into launching this new online shop dedicated to “cycling with circuitry.” Clever, huh? Commute by Bike has been, well, slightly neglected while my […]

It Never Hurts to Ask for a Better Price

Americans tend to be very shy about asking for better prices. Maybe it’s part of the reason we accept having obnoxious pitchmen shouting Sale! Sale! Sale! at us. It compensates for our own reticence to initiate a deal on our own. When I returned from two-and-a-half years of living in Cameroon, I couldn’t pay retail […]

Have you realized your racks, bags, and panniers are junk?

When I was younger I used to buy my bike bags at the army surplus store. They weren’t actually army surplus equipment. There was nothing army about them. They were cheap junk. I still have some of them. I’ve bought several cheap bike rear racks too, including the classic cast-aluminum “mousetrap” rack, shown here pinching […]

Deconstructing Burley

I was on the Burley Website recently while poaching images to use in this newsletter. When I found this guy. And I thought, I am such a dumb ass. I’m always wondering how to convince more people to take bikes seriously as transportation. Is it the economic argument? Is it the quality of life argument? […]

Commute by Tyke: Child Trailers

Bike commuting is fine for you, but I have kids who I need to take to daycare every morning. Oh Mama, are we ready with a comeback to that one. Child bike trailers aren’t just for towing your spawn to the playground on weekends. Many owners of child trailers use them daily as parents drop […]