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Fix Tips

Fender Installation

Originally I was going to go through fender installation, for you my fine readers.  While searching the internet I ran across several great resources to install different types of fenders. Planet Bike’s Freddy Fender Install Honjo Aluminum Fenders, drill required. Velo Orange explains how to install their own, and Honjo fenders.

Bontrager Tire Guarantee

In a perfect world, buying things would be like test driving a car.  You can put your salesman in the backseat and test the hell out of the product. Life isn’t like buying a car, thank god, but we can’t always test out things where we need to.  Take bikes.  You have to rely on […]

Bike Commuter Goals for 2010

1. Learn how to properly lock your bike A requirement in major cities, but often an after thought in small towns or commuters that take their bicycle into buildings.  Practice locking your bike frame and both wheels.  Having a good lock in your arsenal helps, even if you don’t carry it with you daily. 2. […]

Repair Tips : Long Term Maintenance

RJ, from the blog An Adventure Called Bicycling, rides bikes in every fashion: touring, commuting, road racing, mountain biking, folding, hauling and more. Currently, she is working at Gregg’s Cycles, consistently rated the top bike shop in Washington state. You might know how to clean and lube your chain, but do you know when to […]

How to Make Bike Buckets

This article was originally written on Flickr by a friend of mine Joey Emanuel from Charlotte, NC. These deep buckets are perfect for grocery getting or any utility type errands you might want to handle with your bicycle. For a size reference, the buckets will hold two 4 1/2 gallon cartons of soy milk in […]

Open Forum : DIY Projects

Every so often I’ll be coming to you, the readers, to learn what exactly you want to covered..  Hopefully this will keep you all engaged and excited about the Commute By Bike content.  If you see the words “Open Forum” in the title, stop in and give your feedback! The Open Forum this week is […]