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Fix Tips

The Perfect Commuter : Bike Type

If you are just stopping in on our Group Build of the perfect commuter bike let’s catch you up. We had an introduction post, a follow up about what type of person will be riding this bike it is now time to move on to what type or style of bike we will be going […]

Dottie and Her Mystery Flat

Last week Let’s Go Ride a Bike talked about a mystery flat that happend on Mr. Dottie’s bike.  The cut in the tire is pretty intense and almost across the whole tire and tube. The cheap tires that came on Mr. Dottie’s Jamis, on the other hand, have had several flats in their lifetime. The […]

El Duke Degreaser Review : Intro

El Duke is a soy based degreaser that has a pleasant smell and easy to handle for the skin. For the past 5 years I’ve used two different degreasers to clean up my commuter bikes.  Oranj Peelz from Pedro’s and diluted Simple Green.  As a commuter my bikes get pretty gummed up, frames have the […]

Should you check your chain?

Bicycle chain links are a half inch long from rivet to rivet. When you measure a brand new chain with a ruler, the rivets should all line up exactly on the inch and half inch marks. With use, the chains “stretch” so that the rivets no longer line up over the length of a ruler. […]

Clothes Woes: Fabric Blight

There’s really no polite way to put it. When you spend a lot of time on a bicycle saddle pumping your legs up and down, the rear crotch area below your sit bones is usually the first thing to wear thin.

What caused your flat tire?

First, be sure not to miss this important news about Energy Wasting Day. Noah posted his ten quick tips for bike commuters on Monday. Among the tips is learning basic bike maintenance. Among the more common repairs for cyclists is fixing a flat, so it’s good to know what causes flats and how to avoid […]