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Fix Tips

How to Make Your Own Bull Horn Handle Bars

I was able to acquire this old 80’s-90’s handle bar yesterday from the old parts bin of RPM Cyclery for free! So on Saturday I took the bars to Jax Bicycle Center of Fullerton and had one of the mechanics cut it down for me into Bull Horn handle bars. Here’s how it’s done. The […]

Xootr Swift Bottom Bracket Seizure

A while ago I started to notice that the bottom bracket was loose. So I decided to try and loosen it first then tighten it. However, I noticed that the bottom bracket shell had red Loctite coming out of it. I even took the bike to RPM Cyclery to see if they could do anything […]

Home Made Knickers

Last week my brother RL asked if I had an extra pair of BDU pants that he could have. Having been in the Military for over twelve years, you know I had a few. But I was curious to see what he wanted them for. I thought he needed them for some paintball action with […]

We Have a Winner!!!!

Do you remember our little contest for the Slime Digital Presta Gauge? Ryan Flowers of Reno, NV won! Ryan has an 11 mile round trip commute and has been at it for 3 years. You can also check out his site HERE. Here’s his Flat Fix Tips: 1) If you are out of patches and […]

DIY Hydrated Messenger Bag

The first thing you want to do is grab your favorite messenger bag, this case, it was the Banjo Brothers Messenger Bag. You’ll also need the bladder from your hydration pack. If you don’t have one, run to the nearest Target store and pick up a bladder for as little as $10. Fill up your […]

Tips on Fixing A Flat

Today I rode the RedLine 925 to church, but I was sidelined when a big nail got my rear wheel. As I go through my bag, I realized that I didn’t have any tire levers. I used a tree and the support thingy as my repair stand. Since I didn’t have any levers, I had […]