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Squirrelly Vandal Drives Professor Nuts

In many of my previous posts on Commute By Bike, I have focused on feel-good stories, such as the tale of a man who found both renewed health and a missing dog while on his bicycle, as well as made entertaining (I hope) references to pop icons such as Kermit the Frog to explain painted […]

Use Your Bicycle to Fight Theft

The Impossible Journey

John Booner created a humourus video about his commute from the North Shore of MA to Boston, MA. For more information about the route, visit his website.

Spike Bike

Since some people are talking guns and bikes in the previous post, I thought I’d bring up Bob Fishell’s old “Spike Bike” stories from the late 80s. Bob wrote those stories in 1988 and 1989. One story was published in an issue of the now-defunct Cyclist magazine. Bob told me a short while ago that […]

“Flintstone Car” Case Thrown Out of Court

You may have seen this video floating around the interwebs a few months back, which shows Michel de Broin’s so called Flintstone Car hitting the street and eventually getting pulled over by Toronto Police. The ’86 Buick Regal was gutted and “equipped with 4 independent pedal and gear mechanisms that make it possible for passengers […]

Get Involved: Energy Wasting Day

Saw this bit over at Quickrelease.tv. Funny stuff. What’s unfortunate is how much his actions remind me of everyday life for most of the people around me.