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Interbike 2007

Video: Three prominent cycling minds discuss how to get more people on bicycles

Below is a video from September when I had a chance to have a discussion with three prominent figures in the current push to get more people using bikes as their normal mode of transportation. Tim Parr owner of Swobo has worked together with Sky Yaeger to bring some very unique, fun and useful bike […]

Commuter bikes on talk radio

KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles had a 40 second piece on the commuter bike trend at Interbike. KFI’s Michael Clarke talks with Derek Deubel of Trek and our friend Tim “MasiGuy” Jackson of Masi Bikes. Click “Listen Here” for the story at the KFI news page. Via Masiguy. Over the past couple of years […]

Commuter offerings from Crumpler Bags

A lot of my photography friends swear by Crumpler Bags so I was looking forward to taking a look at their bike commuter offerings. I looked through several of their bags and also picked up one to review which I’ve been using since I returned home. The upsides are plenty of pockets and storage space. […]

“Simple cycling” trend at Interbike

The Boston Globe sent reporter Ross Kerber (shown here interviewing Raleigh marketing maven Carey Schleicher-Haselhorst) to Interbike to cover the growth in sales of commuter bikes. He writes in “Simple cycling” that orders and sales of commuter bikes are up 20% in the Boston area. He mentions the Surly Big Dummy, Shimano’s Coasting group, Masi, […]

Something like a bakfeits

Several people asked about Dutch-style long cargo bikes at Interbike. An American derivative of this is the Zigo Leader shown here. The child sits in front of the adult in a detachable carrier that doubles as a jogging stroller. This is a pre-production model you’re looking at, and Zigo is still working on getting dealers […]

Dutch & other Euro bikes @ Interbike

There was quite a bit of response when Seattle Bike Supply began importing the Dutch Batavus bikes into the United States. Seattle Bike Supply had a huge display at Interbike 2007 with a large portion devoted to the Batavus Dutch Bikes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to ask how much interest there’s been in […]