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Repair Tips : Long Term Maintenance

RJ, from the blog An Adventure Called Bicycling, rides bikes in every fashion: touring, commuting, road racing, mountain biking, folding, hauling and more. Currently, she is working at Gregg’s Cycles, consistently rated the top bike shop in Washington state. You might know how to clean and lube your chain, but do you know when to […]

How Hard Core Are You?

With the temperatures around 20 degrees colder than the norm in North Carolina my motivation is lacking for the daily commute to and from the bike shop.  In my mind I keep repeating, “Practice what you preach” and that is the one thing getting me on to a bike most days.  I’m sure I could […]

The Perfect Commuter Bike : Fenders

Our group build is about half way through it’s original phases.  After many discussions about bicycle type, exact frame set, the type of shifting and finally the component type. We’ve determined the Long Haul Trucker with a stock build is the bike we are going with. We’ve moved on to accessorizing and the important question […]

The Perfect Commuter Bike : Handlebar Side Thoughts

As we are about halfway through our perfect commuter bike build, I wanted to stop and think out the rest of the bike build before we continue.  The Long Haul Trucker with 26″ tires is completely build, and sitting next to my Christmas tree.  I’ve swapped out the painful WTB SST seat that comes with […]

How to Get Everyday People to Use a Bike

A little less than a day ago I tweeted asking a simple question : “How to get every day people to use a bike?.  It seems basic, but it isn’t.  It is something I deal with daily running a bike shop and trying to encourage people to ride their bikes for basic uses..  The society […]

The Perfect Commuter Bike : Type of Parts

If you are just stopping in on our Group Build of the perfect commuter bike let’s catch you up.  After introducing who will be riding the bike, the overall landslide of bicycle frame choice was a Surly Long Haul Trucker. As I’m building this bike out of pocket I decided to buy the stock built […]