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Len Gilbert

Len GilbertSporadic urban commuter, Raleigh One Way and Raleigh Sports 3-speed.

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Raleigh Coasting
I LOVE this front rack. I wish Raleigh sold it as an accessory. It would be great on my One Way.

Raleigh One Way
I just got this bike yesterday and, for a commuter in an urban environment, the 35s are great. The help absorb bad pavement, curb bumps, debris hits, etc and give you a nice ride. The color is really much nicer than the pics indicate. For 2009 the bike is blue, and should like nice, but I really love the British racing green with the brown Brooks saddle and tape.

Masi SoulVille SS
Nice bike, but a commuter? No rack, no fenders...I guess it's a short commute and only on dry days.

Raleigh One Way
I love this bike. Put an internal rear hub on it and it would be perfect.

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Raleigh Superbe Roadster
Gary Fisher Simply City 3
Raleigh One Way
Kronan Classic 3-speed
Schwinn Coffee/Cream
Trek 520
Novara (REI) Fusion

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Raleigh Coasting
Masi SoulVille SS
Raleigh One Way