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A Child’s Bike that Says Bikes are for Adults

6 Comments Topics: Commuting, Tananarivize Written by Ted Johnson
Clever CaptionPhoto: Ted Johnson

I bought a bike in Madagascar. I met a kid in the town of Mahajanga. Five years old and full of attitude. I couldn't understand much of what he said in Malagasy, but bicyclette came through loud and clear. He wanted one, bad. I told him I'd work on it. A month later I heard from the kid's mom that he's still talking about it. So I told her to go find one. I'm buying. Big spender. That evening she showed up at my house with this: I paid 120,000 Madagascar Ariary -- $40, more or less. How cute!, I thought. But then, I noticed everything about it -- the good and the bad. But let me back up. How many children's bikes have you seen that ...


Pro Tip: Hauling and Treating Questionable Water

1 Comment Topics: Bike Tech, Bike Touring, Commuting, Commuting Gear, Tananarivize, Tips Written by Ted Johnson
Pro Tip: Hauling and Treating Questionable Water

There are lot of photos of my left hand and arm in this post. But if you look closely, you'll see a couple of bikes. Some bicyclists do need to carry water -- a few yards, or even miles from where the water will be consumed. It's the way of the world, but maybe not your world. I have in mind people in a situation similar to my own; people who have to live every day with an unsafe (or unpalatable) water source. And that water source might not be right inside your domicile -- your house, your tent, your dumpster, etc. And sometimes the water you carry isn't ready to drink just yet. If you will be commuting, touring or Peace-Corps-ing somewhere ...


Monkey Lights Lighting up a Chilly Commute – A Review

2 Comments Topics: Bike Tech, Commuting Written by Troy Marino
Monkey Lights Lighting up a Chilly Commute – A Review

I spent one week bicycle commuting and mountain biking with a front-wheel mounted Monkey Light M204 a wheel light that offers (mostly) 360 visibility. The M204 is the less expensive model of Monkey Lights from MonkeyLectric. After watching the installation video, installation went fairly smooth. A quick peak of the user guide then I was off into the night. With the M204 light and battery holder mounted on opposite sides of the hub, my wheel felt balanced and I did not notice the weight of the light and batteries. Good visibility of the light is more like 350 and the advertised 40 Lumens is only achieved with the solid whitish color setting and a side bicycle view. It appears that slimmer tires would ...


Selling E-Bikes Online, an Eye-Opening Experience Concluding in a BionX Clearance

7 Comments Topics: Commuting, E-Bikes, JOYBAG Written by Josh Lipton
Selling E-Bikes Online, an Eye-Opening Experience Concluding in a BionX Clearance

In 2011 we decided to explore the opportunity of selling electric bicycles and e-bike kits online. It didn't go well, but we learned quite a bit along the way. I'm here to tell the tale and while I'm at it announce our 25% off BionX Clearance. As you may already know the business behind this blog, has grown by focusing on selling bike commuting, bike touring and family cycling equipment online. Electric bicycles were interesting to us from the perspective of being a useful upgrade for our commuter and family cycling customers. There was also quite a bit of buzz in the air about electric (pun intended once realized) bicycles at the time. Getting started into E-bikes involved poking around on ...


High Visibilty and High Fashion? Yes Please! – Vespertine Vespert Review

No Comments Topics: Commuting Written by Karen Voyer-Caravona
The Vespert in Eco Citron

Let me just cut to the chase; I dont normally wear clothes made for bike riding. However, Vespertines reflective Vespert vest intrigued me as a fashionable solution to my recent concerns about being visible on Phoenixs often inhospitable streets.   When I started blogging about my experiences commuting by bike, one of the points that I wanted to stress was how easy it actually was. No special gear or clothes, just a bicycle in good working order with a few accessories such as lighting and some reliable bike bags for carrying work necessities or transporting groceries.   Mikael Colville Andersons Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog was a huge influence on my willingness to give transport cycling a try because he presented an image of bike ...


Riser Bars become Drop Bars South of the Equator
(and more Science from Madagascar)

2 Comments Topics: Commuting, Commuting Gear, Tananarivize Written by Ted Johnson
Riser Bars become Drop Bars South of the Equator(and more Science from Madagascar)

We all know for a fact that toilets and drains swirl counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. (And by "fact" I mean "falsehood.") But did you know that south of the equator riser bars become drop bars? That's right. I have the scientific proof from Madagascar. Check it out: I think it's about comfort and having multiple riding positions. If dropped risers were about being trendy, then this young man would be riding a fixie, and he sure as hell wouldn't have disc brakes: I estimate that nearly half of the bikes I see in Madagascar have dropped riser bars. I've only seen one set of actual drop bars here, and one set of bull horn handlebars that ...