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Cyclovia Tucson Spring 2014

1 Comment Topics: Commuting Written by Melanie Lipton
Stopping for a snack in our loaded Xtracycle

Our family has just celebrated one year living in Tucson, Arizona.  There are a lot of great things about Tucson, but as a cycling family, one of the things we have enjoyed most is the nearly year-round cycling season.  Granted, our first summer was a bit of a rough adjustment (toasted bums on blazing hot bike seats, arriving at our destination dripping in sweat, etc),  but overall, I'd say it's been worth suffering the heat to enjoy the eight or nine months of glorious weather the rest of the year. This past weekend, we participated in Tucson Cyclovia, one of the events that makes Tucson such a bicycle friendly city. This year marks Tucson's fourth Cyclovia, and each year the route ...


30 Days of Biking

2 Comments Topics: Advocacy, Commuting Written by Melanie Colavito
30 Days of Biking

Spring has officially arrived, though many of you may not exactly feel too springy yet, since the weather has continued to be pretty harsh throughout most of the country.  Although here in Arizona, we've been having one of the warmest, driest winters on record, so we've been watching the rest of the country shiver while we enjoy the sunshine.  But don't worry, we'll pay for it come fire season and summer.  In fact, if you have any extra rain/ snow to send our way, that would be fantastic. Anyhow, it's getting to be that time of year where you get to dust off the trusty steed, pump up the tires, and get ready for some spring riding.  That is if you ...


What’s the Best Way to Say, “Watch Out for Bikes!”

18 Comments Topics: Commuting Written by Melanie Colavito
What’s the Best Way to Say, “Watch Out for Bikes!”

As best I can, I try to keep an eye out for new bicycle commuting or utility cycling themed videos throughout the week.  Fortunately, when a new video pops up, it usually makes an appearance on a handful of bicycling blogs and websites, so they are pretty easy to find. Today, this video popped up in my blog feed: The video is from Cycling Scotland and encourages drivers to treat cyclists like horses.  No, don't groom them and feed them...though some might not complain if you did...but rather use caution when you're around them.  Although, unlike a horse, a cyclist can't deliver a punishing kick with a hoof if it gets upset.  The best I can deliver to encourage caution around me ...


Biopsies and Bicycle Saddles

15 Comments Topics: Commuting, Guest Article, Tips Written by BluesCat
Biopsies and Bicycle Saddles

Pretty weird title for an article, eh? Doesn't sound like two things which would have anything to do with each other, does it? Oh, but they have a lot to do with each other, at least as far as my own health is concerned, and it will take me a little bit to explain. I also have to apologize to all the ladies out there: this is strictly about a MALE issue with bicycles, so if you read on please understand that this information will only apply to your dad, your brother, your husband, your boyfriend or another significant male other. In November of 2013 I went in for my regular physical. A week later, Doc calls me and says "Everything ...


Bike Share Redux

10 Comments Topics: Commuting, Musings Written by Melanie Colavito
Image from Wikipedia

I'm a little late to the party on this one, but there were some interesting bike sharing related headlines floating around in the last few weeks that warrant a little discussion. Ironically, here I am writing about bike sharing again when I admitted recently to never having used a bike sharing system myself.  I'm not sure where that puts me in this argument.  Neutral observer?  If only... Anyhow, the bike sharing conversation got a little spicy a few weeks ago when TIME Business published a story titled, "Why America's Grand Bike-Sharing Experiment Is Failing".  When I read this headline, I expected a rather in-depth story about why bike sharing as a whole is not working in America.  I expected something, I ...


Dorcy Front and Rear Bicycle Lights – A Review

6 Comments Topics: Commuting, Commuting Gear, Reviews, safety Written by Karen Voyer-Caravona
Dorcy Front and Rear Bicycle Lights – A Review


Dorcy Hawkeye Bicycle Lighting

Somewhere out there exists market research that identifies the primary purchasers and users of bicycle lighting. I couldn’t find that research after a five minute Google search but I’m too stressed out to look for it. As a graduate student in my final semester of school, I know how to find such research but this evening, the night before the beginning of spring classes; I just can’t bring myself to conduct a meaningful search. So for now, let’s just go with my untested theory that women are the main users of bicycle lighting. I base this otherwise baseless claim on my own anecdotal evidence only. My husband, for example, would likely have no