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Sympathy for the Salmon

8 Comments Topics: Commuting, Commuting Reads Written by Ted Johnson
Sympathy for the Salmon

You see a bike rider riding where a bike shouldn't be ridden, or in a manner contrary to your refined sense of cycling civility. What do you think? If you're like me, you're a judgmental rage turd before you catch yourself, and you calm yourself with the mantra, "They're not in a car. That's a good start." Sometimes when I'm driving a car -- Especially when I'm in a car with the windows rolled up -- I will yell inside the soundproof metal cocoon, Get off the freakin' sidewalk! There's a bike lane right there -- just for you. RIGHT THERE! Worst of all, perhaps, are ignoramuses "salmoning" on the sidewalk. Here's a video of me doing it (and not ironically). Well, you may be an ...


Bikes and Streetcars in Tucson – Is There a Way to Make it Work?

5 Comments Topics: Commuting Written by Melanie Lipton
Look out!

What happens when two very good, well intentioned modes of transportation come together in a densely populated, busy urban corridor?  Well, if it's the Tucson Streetcar and the fleet of Tucson bike commuters, the results are starting to get ugly. The Sun Link Streetcar is now in the final testing phases in the bustling University of Arizona/downtown area.  It's been a long process for the city, from the early design phase to the seemingly never ending construction, and now to the last weeks of testing.  It's due to begin service this July.  Its route is along one of the most heavily traveled bike corridors in Tucson as well. During this testing phase, the local cycling community, the business community, and City of ...


Where are the Bicycle Startup Successes?

3 Comments Topics: Commuting Written by Josh Lipton
Where are the Bicycle Startup Successes?

Its 2014 and Tech Startup Culture/Silicone Valley/Ambitious Teenagers have been  going strong with producing great consumer focused companies for over 10 years now.  So what about bikes? When I look up bicycling Startups at Angel List, its not that they are non-existant.  There are some interesting and meaningful efforts being made. But when I see Faraday Bicycles as the startup with the strongest signal, I'm glad for them but disappointed that what amounts to a specialty, luxury product is the leading example of bicycles in the startup space. On the other hand, the 5 startups that follow Faraday on the list, Beeline Bikes, viaCycle, Zagster, Hammerhead and Helmet Hub are the types of startups that I would like to think have the potential to be ...


The Five Commandments of J.O.Y.B.A.G.®

5 Comments Topics: Commuting Written by Josh Lipton
The Five Commandments of J.O.Y.B.A.G.®

I have traveled into the Safeway parking lots, among the glass filled shoulders, through the misery of forgetting my spare tube.  I have lugged grocery bags on my handlebars and arrived to gatherings late and sweaty.  I have cursed and sworn with befuddlement at being ill-prepared to make my way through the world on my bicycle.  And a voice has spoken deep from within.  And it has said "Hey you idiot, stop bumbling around, just drive a car".  But I have fought back against this voice and denied it and then called it Satan.  And in my despair another voice rose up and it whispered joybag. And then in a flash, the 5 Commandments of JOYBAG came to me (over the ...


Kickstart Our Heart! Bike Commuting Specific Projects Launching on Kickstarter

1 Comment Topics: Commuting, Commuting Gear, Gear Written by Melanie Lipton
Fietsklik Rack System

Here at Commute by Bike, we get a lot of emails from folks launching projects on Kickstarter asking us to help promote their campaigns.  A number of the projects look awesome, inventive, and definitely worthy of some attention.  While we can't write individual articles about all of them, I decided to start a semi-regular feature on Commute by Bike highlighting some of the commuter-specific projects on Kickstarter that have recently caught our attention. The first project is the Shelfie, a simple and aesthetically lovely bike shelf for your home that allows you to turn bike storage into artful design.  It's a great solution for  commuters who may not have a garage and looks like it's easy to mount, easy to use, ...


Crowdsourced Maps for Local Cycling Routes, Still Waiting…..

4 Comments Topics: Commuting Written by Josh Lipton
Strava's Heatmap of US Usage of their App

The internet waves generated earlier this week over Strava's user data heatmaps we're both exciting and frustrating to those of us who have been waiting for the technology revolution to catch up with smart route mapping for cyclists.  It was exciting because it is definitely a sign of momentum, but frustrating in that there is still a gulf between the reality of crowdsourcing optimal bike routes and their actual implementation. BikePortland breaks down a very interesting use of Stava's data set by the Oregon Department of Transportation.  ODOT has signed a one year $20,000 deal to have access to Strava's dataset in Oregon.  They are studying the data with the intention of better understanding bike usage in order to improve infrastructure ...