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Kickstart Our Heart! Bike Commuting Specific Projects Launching on Kickstarter

1 Comment Topics: Commuting, Commuting Gear, Gear Written by Melanie Lipton
Fietsklik Rack System

Here at Commute by Bike, we get a lot of emails from folks launching projects on Kickstarter asking us to help promote their campaigns.  A number of the projects look awesome, inventive, and definitely worthy of some attention.  While we can't write individual articles about all of them, I decided to start a semi-regular feature on Commute by Bike highlighting some of the commuter-specific projects on Kickstarter that have recently caught our attention. The first project is the Shelfie, a simple and aesthetically lovely bike shelf for your home that allows you to turn bike storage into artful design.  It's a great solution for  commuters who may not have a garage and looks like it's easy to mount, easy to use, ...


Crowdsourced Maps for Local Cycling Routes, Still Waiting…..

4 Comments Topics: Commuting Written by Josh Lipton
Strava's Heatmap of US Usage of their App

The internet waves generated earlier this week over Strava's user data heatmaps we're both exciting and frustrating to those of us who have been waiting for the technology revolution to catch up with smart route mapping for cyclists.  It was exciting because it is definitely a sign of momentum, but frustrating in that there is still a gulf between the reality of crowdsourcing optimal bike routes and their actual implementation. BikePortland breaks down a very interesting use of Stava's data set by the Oregon Department of Transportation.  ODOT has signed a one year $20,000 deal to have access to Strava's dataset in Oregon.  They are studying the data with the intention of better understanding bike usage in order to improve infrastructure ...


Hard working trailers, panniers, and racks

1 Comment Topics: Bike Cargo Trailers, Bike Trailer Blog Written by Melanie Lipton
Hard working trailers, panniers, and racks

Colin sent us these photos of how he's been utilizing his bike for a pretty awesome array of activities.  He packed up his MIG welder and gas tank onto his BOB Trailer, which makes for a pretty bad-ass looking commuting rig. Next, he loaded up a folding table, chairs, and all the necessary tabling supplies for a BICAS event into an old cargo trailer.  Look closely and you'll also see Colin's four legged pal along for the ride hanging out in his rear pannier. Finally, Colin loaded a big grocery run, complete with a giant bag of dog food, into a couple bikes loaded with panniers.  He's using the Tubus rack with his panniers and it looks like its sturdy design is ...


J.O.Y.B.A.G.® Revival

5 Comments Topics: Commuting Written by Josh Lipton
Handlebar Convenience: Ortlieb Ultimate6 Pro, RokForm, BionX for Xtracycle Edgerunner

3 Years ago today, we launched what I can audaciously describe as's version of a GoogleX moonshot.  The project was christened J.O.Y.B.A.G.® (That’s, Jump On Your Bike And Go).  Our mission was to figure out what it would take for a bicycle to be as convenient and user friendly as a car. Given that we are not quite as liquid as Google, our moonshot attempts are more liken to seeing how high we can toss a destroyed customer return in the parking lot.  The J.O.Y.B.A.G.® concept launch followed a similar trajectory, entertaining our team for a short period, but basically ending up in the trash heap of ideas. But J.O.Y.B.A.G. did have one thing going for it ion that it was ...


Why yes, I am wearing my bicycle pants to the office…and hiking…and camping…A review of Bluff Works adventure-ready pants

7 Comments Topics: Commuting, Commuting Gear, Reviews Written by Samuel Hagler
Bluff Works in action

You know those guys who go a year without breaking a sweat? You’ve seen them walking, bellies a swingin’, from one boring meeting to the next in some sprawling city where people get lost in thoughts about whether there is more to life than this. Well, unfortunately, you can do that in these pants if you want, and nobody would give you a second look. But if that’s all you’re going to do, you might as well go to the mall. Tell it hi for me. I’ll be the one on my bike— sprinting, braking, glancing over my shoulder, cursing, laughing, forgiving drivers, hoping they forgive me, and fighting for my little place in rush hour traffic.

I have



Maximum Impact Bicycle Advocacy

7 Comments Topics: Commuting Written by Josh Lipton
My Xtracycle Edgerunner on Tucson's River Path Bridge at Mountain

Being constrained by a 60 minute window I feel like I have an excuse to make broad and sweeping claims regarding topics that I am familiar with but I am certainly no expert on.  So I beg your pardon as I launch in. The development of serious and dedicated bicycle infrastructure is a requirement for any car centric culture, such as the US, to be able to get people utilizing bicycles for transportation in any serious way. The Netherlands and Denmark are the best examples of this. As a US based bicycle advocate, this is a depressing reality.  Without serious investment in bicycle infrastructure, bicycling will remain a fringe way for adventurous, athletic and highly eco-concious folks to get around.  And it ...