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Tananarivize’ – Bike Commuting in Madagascar’s Capitol

2 Comments Topics: Commuting, Tananarivize Written by Ted Johnson
Am I wearing  helmet? Only  my hairdresser knows for surePhoto: Ted Johnson

After a week in Madagascar, I finally got a bike! I rode home to my apartment, taking selfies all the way. That week without a bike served me well. I spent some time on foot, in taxis, taking small public transportation buses (taxi brousse), and bumming rides from various colleagues with their SUVs. I observed how motorists interacted with people on bicycles and with pedestrians. The traffic appeared anarchic at first -- intimidating even. There does not seem to be any clear sense of right-of-way at intersections and roundabouts. I don't know if there's a traffic light anywhere in this entire city. I have noticed one sad, impotent, stop sign on a main road. I'm possibly the only person who has ever ...


Ebola and its Rival Killer: Cars

3 Comments Topics: Commuting, safety, Tananarivize Written by Ted Johnson
It would be their safest model

Note: This was written on September 21, 2014 Not too long ago I announced that I would be working in Madagascar for a number of months. Well here I am, in Madagascar. I arrived today. Ever since that announcement the one topic that has come up repeatedly has been... Can you guess it? Ebola!   Almost to a person, I have been asked whether I'll be near the Ebola outbreak; they caution me to be careful not to get Ebola; they tell me (incorrectly) that Ebola has now spread to Madagascar; they offer to pray to keep me safe from Ebola. And it's no wonder why. Ebola is spreading across the entire world -- the word, not the disease. No word has so thoroughly penetrated the English ...


What Took Me So Long?!? Burley Nomad Trailer Review

4 Comments Topics: Bike Cargo Trailers, Commuting Written by Joshua Richard
What Took Me So Long?!? Burley Nomad Trailer Review


For the last 4 years I have been dedicated to living a car free life. Four years ago I sold my last car, bought a bike and said goodbye to gas forever. Over the years I've added pannier racks, Panniers, commuter bags, trunk bags and rack top cargo boxes in an effort to be able to do all the typical car activities with no car at all. Taking the next logical step, I moved from living in the city to living downtown. All of lifes activities are now within a 1 mile radius of my home. Moving downtown has made living a car free life so much easier, but where I have continued to fall short is commuting



Bike Commuting and Social Justice in Kentucky

12 Comments Topics: Advocacy, Commuting, Commuting Stories Written by Melanie Colavito
Bike Commuting and Social Justice in Kentucky

The name Cherokee Schill is going viral this week. If you haven't heard of Cherokee yet, here's her story (as I have pieced together from the Interwebs). Earlier this year, Cherokee first made the news after she was ticketed three times for "reckless driving". Cherokee is a single mother of two who bike commutes 18 miles each way to her job at Webasto, a car parts manufacturer. She must report to work by 6am, so she leaves in the wee hours of the morning. She hasn't been able to find carpooling options, and commuter services don't leave early enough for her to utilize them. Her 1992 Camry has a mere 360,000 miles on it, so that's not a reliable option either. Which ...


Car-less: Frustrated By Distracted Drivers

4 Comments Topics: Commuting, Commuting Stories, Crash, Cycling, safety Written by Kohl Martin
Car-less: Frustrated By Distracted Drivers

Recently, I was riding to a friend's house to do some bike part swapping. I was a riding the route I typically use to his house. I was nearly injured or killed by a driver on a cell phone because they some how thought the bike lane was also a right turn lane. I came within inches of their car because this person was text messaging. This is not the first time this has happened. I have been fortunate to have never been hit (knock on wood.) This is a good way to people's attention and to promote awareness of bikes on the road. I have seen some terrifying crashes. We all have to work to keep each other safe.


Pigs Can Fly & GM Is Encouraging Employees To Ride Bikes

4 Comments Topics: Commuting Written by Melanie Colavito
Photo Credit: GM

Excuse me while I go scrape my jaw off the floor. General Motors, yes the enormous, global maker of the 4-wheeled, gas-powered vehicles we call cars, announced this week that it will begin offering a bike sharing program for its 19,000 or so employees at the 330-acre Warren Technical Center campus in Warren, Michigan. The Warren campus has a total of 61 buildings and about 11 miles of road. Due to the size of the campus, employees were having issues getting to and from meetings on different parts of campus, dealing with traffic and parking, waiting for timed shuttle buses, and walking long distances. One employee estimated that you could waste 30 to 60 minutes each day just getting around. Not to mention, ...